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    What is the connection process when using stainless steel throat hoop?

    What is the connection process when using stainless steel throat hoop?

    It is unknown to all that in the development of the firmware, it often involves a kind of fastener at the joint of soft and hard pipe, which is called throat hoop. In our existing technology, the throat hoop is easy to appear dead angle when it is used to connect small diameter soft and hard pipes. After understanding its basic characteristics,

    To solve the problem of dead angle and leakage of liquid and gas when the throat hoop is used in connection of small diameter soft and hard pipes in the prior art, the throat hoop adopts an open inner and outer ring structure and is fastened with bolts. The throat hoop effectively solves the problems of dead angle and leakage of liquid and gas when connecting small diameter soft and hard pipes. The structure of the hoop is simple and easy to manufacture and the cost is 30% of the original product. The hoop is widely used in automobile, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food brewing sewage treatment purification and dust removal automobile accessories.

    Features of throat hoop: Worm friction is small, especially suitable for high-grade car models or anti-corrosion material parts of the connection. The throat hoop has a wide range of application, torsion resistance and pressure resistance, balanced torsion moment of the throat hoop, firm locking, very tight and wide adjustment range. The throat hoop is suitable for fasteners connected by soft and hard pipes over 30 mm. The appearance of the assembled throat hoop looks very beautiful.

    In connection process of stainless steel throat hoop, steel pipe is cut by steel pipe cutting machine according to the required length. The cut should be flat and the end face of the cut should be perpendicular to the axis of the steel pipe. If there are burrs in the incision, sandpaper, file or grinder should be used to grind it. It is suggested to use pipe knife of threading machine to break pipe. Its advantage is that the end of the pipe is vertical and flat, and there are few burrs. When a conventional toothless saw breaks a pipe, the uneven end face, excessive force and pipe rotation of the saw blade are easy to cause pipe section dislocation and many burrs.

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