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    What are the advantages of two kinds of stainless steel throat hoops

    Speaking of the throat hoop in daily life is only a small part for fastening, but do not underestimate this small part, in industrial transportation, chemical and petroleum, agricultural pharmaceuticals, automobile and ship and many other fields are seen its shadow. At present, there are mainly two kinds of throat hoops used in production, one is galvanized throat hoop, the other is stainless steel throat hoop.

    Among these two kinds of throat hoops, galvanized throat hoops should be widely used in the market because of their relative price. Stainless steel throat hoops are more expensive and are mostly used in some high-end markets. But if you know it carefully, compared with galvanized throat hoop, stainless steel throat hoop has the advantages of large torsion, good tightening performance, high anticorrosion performance and long service life, which can not be compared with galvanized throat hoop. Because the materials used in manufacturing are different, the cost and price are also different, so the market price is higher.

    Some people may say that galvanized throat hoop is not bad, of course, if the use of the environment on the throat hoop itself is not high demand, galvanized throat hoop is a good choice, after all, in terms of price is more advantageous, but whether in terms of its own production process, use performance, or stainless steel throat hoop is better than other aspects, when it comes to this price, in fact, if from a long-term investment. From this point of view, stainless steel throat hoop is not much more expensive than galvanized throat hoop, so if the seller's economic capacity permits, it is better to buy Stainless Steel at the time of purchase. Of course, if the buyer's own scope of use of throat hoop is high on the requirements of throat hoop, then only stainless steel can be purchased, otherwise the speed of product loss may be very fast, in this case, if only stainless steel can be purchase Just thinking about saving money can only be worthwhile.

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