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    How to deal with improper sealing of pipe throat hoop

    How to deal with the improper sealing of pipe throat hoop?

    Pipeline throat hoop itself is not a seal, it only provides radial buckling force to prevent hose pull-out.

    There are several possible reasons for poor sealing:

    Hose and fittings are not suitable: the inner diameter of hose should be slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the fittings. If the inner diameter of the hose is larger than the fittings, the hose will wrinkle even if the throat hoop is applied to the fittings. Like a belt, the trousers are wrinkled, where the wrinkles are the leakage passage.

    There are deep axial scratches on the joints, where the scratches are used as leakage passages.

    The pressure is too high, which has exceeded the limit of the sealing structure.

    Replacement of sealing structure, e.g. switching to detained connector

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